OH&S And Environmental Management.

OH & S

At J&I Zilic Cleaning, we recognise our responsibility to provide our employees and clients with healthy and safe environment.

  • Complying with all relevant health and safety regulations
  • Providing OH&S training to all staff
  • Supplying the appropriate clothing and equipment for all tasks
  • Ensuring that the right clothing and equipment is employed for safe operations
  • Promoting a culture of safety awareness throughout the company.


Our health and safety policy guides our work.

Our focus on environmental management helps to ensure environmental protection when providing our services. Our goal is to meet all obligations in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act and all other environmental laws and regulations. We are committed to protecting the environment and managing environmental issues by:

  • Using environmentally-friendly cleaning products whenever possible
  • Conserving company and natural resources through careful management of emissions and discharges and minimising waste
  • Ensuring adherence to our environmental policies and continuous improvement through a comprehensive compliance program.

We will be glad to meet with you to discuss our approach to delivering cleaning services – including ensuring compliance with OH&S and environmental policies – and providing a customised proposal based on your specific needs.

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